Friday Rant: Stop Saying “#Foodporn” and “#Wordporn”

Ah, Instagram. The home of our beloved #foodporn and #wordporn. These tags are casual and edgy ways to appreciate glorious, towering burgers and macaron-embellished cakes, or a short poem that captures our hearts. They’re also really destructive uses of language. And we need to stop. Look, I’m no stranger to ‘rule 34’ (If it exists,... Read more »

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Belmont Park Blondes Waiting for you

A lot of international visitors and international business men like to date Belmont Park escorts during their stay in town. Fortunately there is a good selection of Belmont Park escorts agencies all over town, and the front desk girls all know their jobs. They will be able to find the right girl for you with […]

Dating Maidenhead Escorts

Dating escorts outside of London is just as exciting as dating escorts inside London. new escorts services are spring up everywhere, and this week we are taking a look at Maidenhead which is located in Berkshire. It is not very far from London, and many people who live in the area commute into London almost […]

What If You’re the One Who Cheated?

If you have ever been in a marriage where there has been infidelity present you probably have asked yourself, “Should I stick around or not?” It’s a fair question. It’s also a difficult one. Craig Gross wrote about this question in his post “Should I stay or should I go?” Check it out.   That, unfortunately,... Read more »

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