Are you looking for nasty American style escorts?

In that case, don’t look any further than Pimlico escorts. There are now so many Americans residing in London, which some leading London escort agencies have started to specialize in American style dating. A couple of the girls who working in Pimlico actually are from Las Vegas, and they have sort of Americanized the agency a little bit. I think that we needed a slightly new outlook here in London, says Anna who used to work in Las Vegas. It was about time that London had some nasty American girls on the scene.
I didn’t realize that there was such as huge difference between American and British escorts, says Anna. When I worked in Las Vegas, I did date a lot of British men, and they kept saying that escorts in London are different. To me, it seems that London girls are trying to give their dates a really sophisticated experience. In Las Vegas, we truly are an extension of the adult entertainment industry. Guys date escorts because they want to have some serious adult fun. In Las Vegas we do everything from strip tease to sexy role play, Pimlico escorts is totally different.
To be honest, says Anna, most of the dates that I have had since I came to the UK, have been with American guys who live in London. They sort of still want to enjoy the American escorts experience, and we try to deliver that to them. It is not always easy, as our publicity shots here in the UK, most look totally different. I found that really difficult to relate to first of all. When I was doing my publicity shots for Pimlico escorts, the photographer kept telling me to change my pose all of the time. It was kind of weird, smiles Anna.
I have dated some English guys as well. They are so different from American guys, and the only way you can describe them is as guys. I have enjoyed all of my dates a lot, and I can understand why my English colleagues now refer to them as guys, they are guys and there is something really nice about them. In Las Vegas, we used to get some creepy guys around, but we don’t seem to get that here in the UK at all. Also, the front desk team at Pimlico escorts of really screen the callers.
The only thing I miss about Las Vegas is the nice weather. It would be great to travel back every so often to get a sunshine fix, but it would work out too expensive. I am planning to stay with Pimlico escorts for a few more years, and then I might head back to the US. After all, I have my mom and dad there, and my kid brother. I miss them a lot. It is fun to work here in London, I can also put down on my CV that I have been a London escorts, it will look just fantastic!

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