Who started Cybersex

Cyber sex, or long distance sex, seems to be the latest hot thing on the Internet. Our world is changing so much and I keep wondering what is going to happen next. Quite a few London escorts are setting up their own cyber sex sites and advertising their services on site. Some of them are […]

Doing the Cyber nasty

What is cyber sex and does it really do anything for anybody? A couple of London escorts were telling me that cyber sex is the latest craze. It really doesn’t do anything for me but I am sure that there are some people who get turned on by it. According to London escorts the way […]

Benefits Of Cyber Sex

Despite the buzz around online predators, cybersex is safer than sex in real life. Provided you do not give out your personal information, you will realize that the only thing you have to worry about is what turns you on and not getting an STD, unwanted pregnancy or how to get a babysitter. You do […]