Cyber Sex – does it really turn us on?

A lot of london escorts have set up cyber sex sites, and report that they are not as successful as they thought they would be. Cyber sex is indeed the new thing on the Internet but is it really that good?

Some people who travel a lot like the company of london escorts as they lack female company. However, at the end of the day Canary wharf escorts are sexy companions and are there just to keep their dates company. Many dates turn to cyber sex sites expecting to enjoy some good quality sex, but does cyber sex actually do anything for us.

Here at the Better Sex offices we took the opportunity to speak to a guy who dates London escorts on a regular basis, and asked him to try a couple of cyber sex sites for us. There are quite a few big cyber sex sites out there on the Internet, and he tried to of the most popular ones.

You have a choice if you would like to communicate in writing with your cyber sex partner, or using a headset with a microphone. It is really a personal preference, and a lot of people still prefer writing.

Cyber Sex – Lost in Space or not

Tariq from Dubai loves dating London escorts and spends a lot of time when he is in London in the company of his favourite escorts. He kindly agreed to try a couple of cyber sites on our behalf and let us know what he thought. This is what Tariq had to say:

It felt a bit strange to log on the Internet to have sex with somebody, and I wasn’t sure if I could actually go through with it. However, once online it was quite easy to find the right sites, and to be honest there is a good choice.

Writing Sex

The first site I visited you could only type what you had to say, and give written instructions of what you wanted your cyber sex friend to do. It felt really strange at first, and I found it difficult to express myself. I must admit, I felt the responses felt a bit scripted and robotic and it was all a very surreal experience. Two of the escorts that I date on a regular basis were with me, and they though the entire process was a bit clinical.

The second site I logged onto you had to use the headset and the microphone. I am not really into Skype and things like that, so it felt really strange having to put them on for the first time. My two london escorts thought it was funny though, and they had a good laugh whilst I tried to figure out how to use the site.

Talking Sex

Once I got hooked up to talk to a cyber sex friend, I didn’t like her voice. It felt very much like she was trying to talk over me, and did not listen to what I had to say. She just kept saying the same thing all over again, and in the end it felt more like a broken record than a sex chat. London escorts thought it was a bit boring as well, and the voice wasn’t right for a sex chat. It felt a bit unreal, and it reminded me of the computer Hal in the movie 2001 Space Odyssey.

Overall, it was a really interesting thing to try but both the london escorts and I felt it lacked the human touch. It just didn’t turn me on.

According toTariq he would not try cyber sex again, and he prefers spending time with real people he said. I am sure that there are many people out there who enjoy cyber sex but perhaps this is one Internet sensation which has a little way to go.

About the author: Steban Lopez