Escort As A Girlfriend

If I told my friends that my sexy girlfriend works for a London escorts agency, they would probably fall over themselves to try to chat her up. Yes, she is the most stunning girl that I have ever met, and I guess that is one of the benefits of having a girlfriend who works for a London escorts service. No matter what happens, you will know that your girlfriend is always looking great when you take her out. That is kind of instinctive when it comes to working for a London escorts agency.

On the other hand, there are many guys who have a hard time coping with the fact that their girlfriend works for a charlotte London escorts companion company. The problem is that most hired companions are so sexy and good looking that other men want to chat them up. When I am out with my girlfriend, I know that many of the guys we are going to meet on a night out are going to want to chat her up and try to steal her away from me. So far, we have always gone home together.

At first, I liked the fact that my girlfriend worked late at night. I thought that it was great that her London escorts shift lasted up until midnight most night. It gave me a chance to put in some extra hours at work, go to the gym, and meet up with my mates. Since then things have rather changed. I can understand that most London escorts are busy during the evening, but I hate the fact that she comes home dog tired. Is she too tired for sex? Most of the time she is.

My girlfriend earns more money than I do. The upside to that is that she loves to book holidays for us and loves to take me away in dirty weekends out of London. As she does not work for London escorts on the weekend, we always seem to be going off somewhere for a couple of days. Our holidays are unreal. Since I have been together with her, I have been to both Florida and the Caribbean. It is great and I love my new jet setting lifestyle.

What is the downside to all of that? Well, the downside is that I feel a bit inferior. I know that she works hard at London escorts and she deserves everything that she has got. But I do find myself comparing my life to hers and wonder where I would be without her. She has her own flat, and she seems to be able to afford all of the good things in life which I can’t afford to have. Yes, she is lovely, but it takes a special guy to keep a London escort as a girlfriend. That is one of the things that I have come to realise since we have been together. Hopefully, I have got what it tak

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