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Some of the gents that I meet at Essex escorts are really naughty and they tell really bad lies. The I also meet some gents who do not tell any lies at all. I prefer to date gents who are not afraid to be themselves and do not tell any lies. Do little white lies upset people? When somebody finds out that they have been lied to, it does not matter how small the lie is. The truth still hurts, or is it the lies that hurt. It is not easy to tell and sometimes, I even have a hard time telling the difference between truths and lies.

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One of the girls who used to work here at Essex escorts has never told anybody that she used to do so. Is that a lie? When they ask her what she did, she simply explains that she was a glamour model. Of course, she did some modelling work outside of her agency work. It is not a direct life but she still tries to deceive in my opinion. I am sure that she is trying to change her life and maybe she is not that proud of having worked for an escorts service.


I also have another friend who would like to get rid of her porn star past. She never used to work for Essex escorts, but she was always on the fringes so to speak. There are tons of porn movies out there, so it is very unlikely somebody will spot her in aporn movie. I don’t think that I would recognize her. Making porn movies did not pay very well so she did some modelling on the side. She tells everybody she was a bikini model and I suppose that is true.


Here at Essex escorts we get to meet all sorts of characters. One guy told me that he is a businessman but I know that he drives a truck for a living. Okay, he owns his truck and hsi what they call an owner driver, so in many ways he is a business man. Could it be that he thinks that he needs to put on airs and graces in front of me? That is not true at all and I don’t really care what gents. I only really care that they are nice people.


The guys who tell me the truth here at Essex escorts are far and few in between. One of the guys who always tell me the truth is a chap who owns his own technology company. I know that he is mega rich and could get any girl. The only problem is that he finds it hard to speak to women. As he cannot handle that very well, he likes to date me. We have become really good friends and I am really protective of him. His company is worth a fortune, but to me he is worth so much more than his company. A lot of it has to do with the fact that he is honest and does not tell little white lies.

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