I am addicted to cyber sex and London escorts

I thought that I would get over my sex addiction by moving to a new part of London. Since I had been living in Mayfair, I had not been able to resist dating London escorts. They were to me the epitome of sexiness and not a week went past without me booking outcall escorts from my local London escorts service. I simply could not resist them. In the end, I did seek some help, and my therapist suggested I move to another part of London. It made sense. I worked in Richmond, so why should I not live in Richmond.

Anyway, I made a tidy profit on selling my flat in Mayfair, and found a lovely place in Richmond. Once settled in, I felt I could concentrate on my job much better, and I had to admit that dating London escorts was not on my mind every five minutes. However, it did not take me long to get involved with cyber sex. I did not know a lot of people in Richmond, so I ended up spending many evenings on my own. Logging on and chatting to a sexy girl while pleasuring myself became the new norm for me. Did I miss London escorts? You bet that I did.

I am not sure what happened, but one day, something clicked in my head. What was the point in cyber sex? What I was really missing in my life was some human contact, and it did not take me long to find the an outcall London escorts service in Richmond. I felt that I needed to have someone to talk to, and perhaps even show of to my mates in the bank. After all, many of them were wondering why I did not have a girlfriend. I decided to check out the girls at the local London escorts service, and before I knew it, I was dating London escorts again.

It was a bit like being stuck between a rock and a hard place. One part of me felt really guilty about dating London escorts again, but the devil sitting on my shoulder, told me to enjoy myself. In some little way I was angry with myself. I had spent all of that money with the therapist and endured emotionally painful session. Now I was back at Go again, and realised I could not resist dating London escorts.Cyber sex is not my sort of thing. I prefer that personal and human touch that you can only get from a real life person. Am I dating London escorts in Richmond? I must admit that I am but I don’t feel guilty about it. We all have our little addictions. Some people are addicted to drugs and I guess you may be able to say that London escorts are my drug of choice. I don’t date as often as I used to, and in a couple of years time when I have satisfied my burning desire for hot blondes, I may try to see if I can wean myself of London escorts.

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