I have a problem in telling my feelings to anyone – Colchester escort

I am afraid of rejection. I had many crashes even in my preschool days. And since I used to be bully because of how I clothe and take studies seriously. I don’t like any recess instead I used more of my time in reading. I had a lot of stories to tell in class but was being laughed and called a weird. I had no close friends at school, I go by myself and do my own thing. I always got the first place and sad to say my mom is not proud of me. Perhaps, I became so silent in life because I had nothing to share. I feel like I am the only person living in the house, nobody will talk and ask how’s your day.

When my parents broke up, my mom has no time for me. It’s sad because I still can remember the days we used to have with my dad. She is the sweetest mom I could ever say. I am so lucky to have her, preparing everything I need and cooking my favorite dishes. My dad loves me in a way that he will always buy my favorite toy after work. He still surprises us with his achievements in life. We were so happy back then that even other people praise us. I am the only child, and all the love is put on me. I thanked God for having them in my life until the unexpected things happen to us. I did not think that my parents will separate. It’s like an explosion to me; my dad is packing his stuff without me knowing why. He hugs me and says goodbye. And that is the last time I saw him. I ran into moms room but he is helpless, and crying in the floor. I hug her, and our life has changed since then. My mom seldom talks, and she is always focused on working. Our fun time before was over, and she was not interested in me anymore. I grew up lonely and got a hard time to talk to anyone. I am not used to saying my feelings and ignore other people judging me.

After college, mom decided to move to Colchester, and we did. I look for work there, and our set up at home is still the same. My workmates can’t understand me and often heard bad comments from them. Until I know a Colchester escort that made me realize how beautiful life is and the people. She taught me how to socialize and trust again. I am amazed by her looks and love her personality. Later on, I am proud that my girlfriend is a Colchester escort from https://charlotteaction.org/colchester-escorts

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