Is Gold Digging for Me?

I was coming back from a mini break in Spain with a friend from London escorts. It was a Ryan Air flight and you know what they are like. It was just a mad dash for all of the seats, and my friend and I ended up sitting away from each other. Yes, it was annoying but it did not bother me too much.  I thought that I would just pick up my book and finish it off on the flight back to the UK. Alas, that was not going to be the case.


In all of the chaos, I ended up in the aisle seat. The middle and window seats were taken up by two pretty girls. They both looked stunning, and I almost asked them if they worked for a London escorts service, but something stopped me. I took another look at them, and you could tell they were wearing some serious bling around their necks and wrists. The girl in the middle seat had a lovely watch, and I complimented her on it.


Before I knew it I was involved in a conversation  with her. Her name was Elaine, and she explained that she was a professional gold digger. I was a bit taken back and could not believe that she was so honest. However, she did not worry about it, and seemed to be rather proud of what she was doing. I told her that I worked for a London escorts service, we had a glass of wine and chatted for a while. She was really nice and even gave me her phone number in London.


As we were coming into land, she told me that she thought I would make a great gold digger. With my experience from London escorts, I probably knew my way around a man or two as she said. She was right and I will confess I wondered if gold digging would work for me. As the plane touched down at Gatwick, my mind was spinning with ideas and I was trying to work out how I could make it as a gold digger in London. It would be silly to waste the know-how I had got from this girl, and I thought it may even make me a pretty penny.


I was concerned about leaving London escorts. Three months ago I had bought my own flat with my earnings, and I was not in the process of replenishing me severely depleted cash balance. Could I start of slowly and do a little bit of gold digging on the side? As I took the Victoria Express from Gatwick, my mind was somewhere else, and I kept going through my little black book. Would any of the gents I dated now be a good test case? One name crept into my mind, and I realised that I may have my first gent right at my finger tips. Jonathan would be my first attempt, and I was pretty sure that he would fall for my plan.

About the author: Steban Lopez