Is in in to be slutty

I never thought that I would say this, but it seems that it is in to be slutty. A few years ago when I started to work for escorts in London sx, it was not in to be slutty at all, and you can kind of needed to give off this sophisticated air. That has all changed now, and the only thing that really matters, is that you are slutty. Even the most sophisticated gents seem to look for slutty escorts.

Do I get turned on by being slutty? I don’t really get turned on by being slutty as much as I get turned on by being sophisticated. Some of the girls here at the London escorts service which I work for, love to be slutty, but I like to be a little posh. When I pull on some nice gear to go into work, I feel far more confident and that is what I think you miss out when you are slutty.

Who likes slutty escorts? It seems that a lot of gents really like slutty escorts. Even some of the more senior gents I hook up with at London escorts are into dating slutty girls at the moment. The other night I had a date with one of my regular gents who fly in from the US. To my surprise, he phoned up Charlotte escorts and asked me to wear something slutty. I was a little bit surprised, but as he spends so much time with me when he is here in London, I did not mind.

What do you wear when you want to be a slutty London escort? It took me some time to figure out what slutty London escorts wear, but after having looked at a few images online, I soon got the hang of it. Not wanting to look like trailer park trash, I added my own finish touching and I thought that I look great. The gents that I met with that evening seemed to enjoy my slutty but classy look, so I have carried it on. I actually feel kind of good. Dressing down to go into London escorts can feel good at times. Just because you are slutty today, does not mean you have to be slutty tomorrow. You may in fact get a totally different request from a gent and that is what I kind of like about escorting in Lonon – you never know what is going to happen.

Do you attract different gents when you are a bit slutty? Yes, you do. I always used to end up dating rather sophisticated gents here at London escorts, but I don’t do that anymore. Some of the girls at the escort agency were expecting to do less well when they adopted a slutty look, but most of them are doing well. The thing with escorting is that it goes in trends. Sometimes it is in to be a really hot and sexy escort. At other times, you just have to go with the flow and be a really cheap and slutty London escort for the pleasure of your gent.

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