It is not really a surprise that everyone loves to watch adult videos online today.

In fact, it is so easy for anyone with a computer connected to internet to access porn. It has been noted that at least 35% of traffic online goes to porn sites, which means that adult movies sell more than anything. Variety is the spice of life therefore different genres and subgenres of porn have been introduced to cater to everyone’s taste and meet viewers expectations. The following are seven of the most watched porn genres according to Bexley Escorts of

Lesbian porn is the most popular porn category in the world. It involves strictly women with women and is mostly viewed by heterosexual males. The second most popular porn genre is gay porn. It is viewed almost exclusively by homosexual males. According to Bexley Escorts Hentai is another popular adult movie category. It is a word used in the western world to describe various forms of animated Japanese porn. The fourth most watched porn category is MILF porn. This category involves men having sex with mature women, aged between 25 and 50. Shemale porn involves a female having sex with another female instead of a male and a female. This genre is viewed almost exclusively by heterosexual men. BBW means big beautiful woman. It’s a porn genre that features extra-curvy or obese women of all races. It is extremely popular with men who fantasize having sex with these women. BDSM involves domination, submission, bondage, discipline, and/or sadism and masochism. It is a type of sexual expression where one party is subjected to punishment by psychological humiliation, physical pain, or absence of physical freedom according to Bexley Escorts.

There are many different laws and regulations that govern the adult entertainment scene around the world. In the United States, some forms of porn are illegal including child porn, simulated child porn, simulated rape, bestiality, defecation and urination. In China, it is illegal to watch porn and anyone caught in the act faces a maximum of three years in jail. It is also illegal to produce and distribute porn in North Korea and if caught, one faces the death penalty. Although it is legal to view porn in Japan, Japanese law mandates that pubic hair and genitals be censored. In Brazil, all adult film actors are required to use condoms. In France, all adult movies face a 33% tax. In Australia, porn movies that feature ‘A’ cup-sized breasts are banned for fear that they will encourage pedophilia. Therefore, all countries have differing regulations in reference to the adult industry however internet films remain the prime place where any content may be found.

About the author: Steban Lopez